Rotor Concept

H P Q 1

H P Q 1


If you did purchased the ELITE package, with the 2 axis Gimbal mount and FPV F7 live view, please watch the
video below in addition to the
5 setup videos in the next column.
Make sure you have the GOPRO Hero 3 ready!

2 Axis Gimbal and FPV Setup w/Devo F7

DISCOVERY - Features and sample video


1-axis motorized mount setup

Please scroll down page for more information

H P Q 2

Discovery (version 2)

setup instructions

(NEW! Updated 8/18/14)

Identify individual parts, setup propellers and skids,
charger and battery information.

Discussion between the controllers Devo 7/10 and FPV F7

Binding / Pairing process, lock/unlock motor procedure

Setting up gps/compass calibration

Identifying all the functions of the controller
Suggestions of flight for 1st time operation

I D 1


Fully assembled mini quad.


H P Q 1


HPQ1C Manual

HPQ1C Video Instruction part 1

HPQ1C Video Instruction part 2

HPQ1C Video Instruction part 3


HPQ1 - Single Color Light Kit installation



DEVO F4 Manual

(Camera instructions on page 53-54)

DEVO F4 Video Instruction